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Welcome to, your online resource for ePolicy Content,Forms, Books, Workshops, and eTraining Tools.

Employers: Want to Save Millions of Dollars on Legal Fees, Lost Productivity, Computer Security Breaches, and Other eDisasters?

The ePolicy Institute has you covered. The ePolicy Institute is devoted to helping employers limit eRisks through the development and implementation of effective eMail, Internet, and software policies.

Regulating employee eMail, Internet, and software use isn't a big brother tactic. It's smart business. Employee use of company computer resources, including eMail, the Internet, and software, can open any organization to electronic risks.

What Are the Most Common and
Costly eRisks Employers Face?

-Workplace Lawsuits
-Sexual Harassment Claims
-Trademark and Patent Infringement Suits
-Sabotage and Internal Security Breaches
-External Cracker and Hacker Attacks
-Lost Productivity
-Wasted Computer Resources
-Lengthy Business Interruption
-Six-Figure Fines and Jail Time for Software Piracy
-Million Dollar Legal Fees and Settlements
-Media Scrutiny
-Public Embarrassment

101 Email & Internet Disaster Stories is the
site of choice for:

Employers looking for help limiting eRisks and reducing liability costs.
HR Managers and Computer Security Professionals seeking tips and techniques to ensure employee compliance with written ePolicies.
Lawyers hoping to establish and grow cyberlaw practices.
Reporters seeking up-to-the-minute ePolicy facts. Visit for
FREE feature articles, columns, and background material.

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Keeping Online Employees In-Line

21% of employee e-mail subpoenaed by courts & regulators.
13% of companies have battled lawsuits triggered by employee e-mail.
65% of companies lack e-mail retention policies.
94% of companies fail to retain & archive IM.
46% of companies offer employees NO e-mail policy training.
50% of workplace IM users send/receive in risky content including attachments, jokes, gossip, confidential info, porn.

Source: 2004 Workplace E-Mail and IM Survey from American Management Association and The ePolicy Institute. CLICK HERE for Survey Results.

Click here for Information Week Survey Coverage

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